5.56 ammo types

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5.56 ammo types

Post by biere » Wed Oct 16, 2019 6:58 pm

m856 tracer is old tracer. Has lead in jacketed bullet.

m856a1 is "green" tracer and is all copper bullet. The bullet is larger cause copper is not as dense as lead. So some folks worried about higher pressures. In doing some reading it was said the gen 3 pmags did better with the regular m855a1 so we recommend same mags for the tracers of this type. The gen 3 pmag holds the bullet up at more of an angle.

There is a low light tracer with a purple tip in 7.62x51 as well, does not burn as bright so won't mess with night vision as badly as regular tracers would.

mk318 has been around for several years and while not bonded it has a lot more copper in it and tends to penetrate better in urban areas.

Guess I need to host some pics to post some pics.

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